How to fix it if you are unable to send an email using AOL Mail?

AOL Mail allows you to send emails in just a single click and most AOL Mail users are using this feature without any issue or delay. On the other hand, many AOL Mail users are facing issues in sending an email using the AOL Mail login account then you need to look for ways to fix this issue. So, if you are also one of those who are experiencing the problem in sending the email using your account then you need to keep reading this post till the end.

Solutions to fix the AOL Email can’t send the issue

Users of AOL Mail accounts may face trouble while sending an email using their AOL Mail login account due to several issues. However, you can fix this issue quickly by applying the tips that are given below:

Solution 1: Check the internet connection

Whenever you face a problem in sending the email using the AOL Mail login account, it may be because of the slow or no internet issue. Check if the device is connected to the active internet connection or not. To fix the network issue, you can connect the device to another network.

Solution 2: Disable pop-up blocking software

You have installed pop-up blocking software on your device then you need to disable it temporarily or you can try to add the AOL Mail to the allow list. If you are unable to do so then you need to speak to the software vendor to get a proper solution for it.

Solution 3: Disable Firewall on your computer

If the firewall is active on your device then you need to disable it immediately by using a computer security program. If you have not installed any security program on your computer then you can easily on their official site.  

Solutions 4: Clear the app data and cache files

If you have not updated the app data and cache files from the browser of your computer or the AOL Mail mobile app then you need to locate the settings on your device to clear it immediately from your device.

Solution 5: Use a different browser on your device

If you are getting issues in sending the email on a browser of your computer or mobile then you need to use a different browser to send the email using your AOL Mail login account. If you have not installed any other browser on your device then do by visiting the application store.


To sum up, AOL Mail users who are unable to send emails from their account can do so by fixing the issue with the help of the solutions that we have mentioned above on this page. If you are still facing such an issue then you need to contact AOL Mail support agent to fix the issue immediately. Hopefully, you have fixed the email sending issue with your AOL Mail login account with the help of this post.